Getting Shady: Adding Shade to Your Outdoor Play Space

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Editor’s Note: No matter where you live, shade is very important to add to a play space — but in some climates, it is more vital than others and will help you extend the use of your outdoor space. Whether it’s natural or man-made, make sure that you layer shade into your outdoor play space plans. As I often do, I turn to the great Jenny Kable for ideas and inspiration.

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In the Australia summer our “outdoors whatever the weather” approach bumps up against an obstacle: it is dangerous to be out in the sun.  Shady spots in a playscape are an absolute necessity.

Our preschool a couple of years ago
As thrilled as we were with our whopping great blank canvas expanse of an outdoor area, there was no shade except for the covered sand pit and veranda:

Our veranda area

Our “going free to a good home” gazebo has been a welcome shady addition:  

And like preschool teachers the world over, we are nothing if but resourceful and create temporary shade with what we have available:
Temporary shelters

bush cubbies

Pop up sun shelters

Sheets and fabric

I’ve been searching the bloggy world for more permanent shade ideas for preschool and thought you might find some of them useful as well:

Natural Shade:
Image:  Tessa Rose Playspace Design
Image: Tessa Rose Playspace Design
Image: Springzaad Creative Green for Children
Image: Springzaad Creative Green for Children
Permanent shelters:
Image: Syndal Preschool
Image: Sandbox Preschool

Stay tuned! ~ Jenny

Blogger Bio: Jenny Kable is an early childhood educator, teaching and learning from children in a progressive preschool setting nestled in the beautiful Australian bush. Her blog, Let The Children Play, is filled with wonderful ideas and inspiration. Jenny is a favorite blogger around here! You can follow her on Twitter @preschoolplay.

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