The Friday 5 for June 24th

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Editor’s Note: As a child, one of my favorite activities was setting up a lemonade stand. I was convinced I could make a million dollars, or at least enough to buy an Easy Bake Oven that my mother refused to purchase for me. The million? Not so much, but I rocked the tiny cakes in my Easy Bake! (The link above features the exact model I had, which I used without ‘injury or mayhem’.)

In honor of those childhood memories, here are some kid-approved lemonade recipes. :-) Bethe

Friday Five –> Pronunciation:Fri•day ’fiv –> Function: Noun

Definition: Sampling of articles and blog posts that caught our eye that will be of interest to Head Start, parent and early childhood education communities.

This week’s Friday 5:

  1. According to Science Daily, sleep loss in early childhood may contribute to the development of ADHD. Sleep and rest are vital for healthy, happy children.
  2. Great Schools asks, Who let the kids out? We hope the answer will be, Everyone!
  3. Add some spice to your play space — Jenny Kable and her readers have some great ideas for sand walls and more!
  4. Celebrate summer on the cheap! Digital Reflections gives us, 100 Things to Do With Your Kids This Summer for Free.
  5. Resource of the Week goes to Zero to Three for Starting Smart: How Early Experiences Effect Brain Development.

I think that should keep everyone busy for awhile! And remember, play is meant to be messy and adventurous. :-)

Did anything catch your eye this week? We would love to know about it — so please share it in the comments section.

Don’t forget to get outside and play this weekend. It’s good for the mind, body and spirit!

Play on! ~ Bethe

Blogger Bio: Bethe Almeras, MS, is the HSBS Education & Outreach Director. A long time educator and play advocate, she is passionate about outdoor play and connecting children with nature. In her free time Bethe writes a blog, The Grass Stain Guru, and can often be found playing outside. She is particularly fond of squirrels. And turtles. And sandpipers. And…

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