The Friday 5 for October 14th

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Friday Five –> Pronunciation:Fri•day ’fiv –> Function: Noun

Definition: Sampling of articles and blog posts that caught our eye that will be of interest to Head Start, parent and early childhood education communities.

 This week’s Friday 5:

  1. My friend Penny (@PennyWilson) gave an amazing TEDxEastEnd talk on play. It’s 14 minutes well worth your time.
  2. Kari (@activekidsclub) has some great thoughts and tips in her post, Gearing up for winter: No bad weather, only bad clothing.
  3. Looking for some fun ideas to do with the kiddos? Debi (@GoExploreNature) has you covered with, 10 Fall Garden Activities for Kids.
  4. The Atlantic gives us, All Work and No Play: Why Your Kids Are More Anxious, Depressed. We couldn’t agree more.
  5. And finally, from Psychology Today, Emotional Regulation in Children: Using the Body to Help the Brain.

I think that should keep everyone busy for awhile! I am so encouraged by how much work is going on around the globe to promote play as a vital part of the overall health and optimal development for children.

Did anything catch your eye this week?! 

We would love to know about it — so please share it in the comments section.

Don’t forget to get outside and play this weekend. It’s good for the mind, body and spirit!

Play on! ~ Bethe

Blogger Bio: Bethe Almeras, MS, is the HSBS Education & Outreach Director. A long time educator and play advocate, she is passionate about outdoor play and connecting children with nature. In her free time Bethe writes a blog, The Grass Stain Guru, and can often be found playing outside. She is particularly fond of squirrels. And turtles. And sandpipers. And…

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Have a great weekend !

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