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Snowman #2
Friday Five –> Pronunciation:Fri•day ’fiv –> Function: Noun

Definition: Sampling of articles and blog posts that caught our eye that will be of interest to Head Start, parent and early childhood education communities.

Happy 2012, folks!

And talk about a hot topic – PLAY had a big week, this first week of the new year. It was hard to pick only five pieces to feature! (In fact, you might notice I snuck a sixth piece in. Shhhhhh!)

 This week’s Friday 5:

  1. This week, there was a lot of buzz about young children’s inactivity, especially in day care centers. Med Page Today posed some interesting questions in their piece, Playgrounds Too Safe to Keep Little Kids Active.
  2. A really important article in the Washington Post discussed parents as obstacles to children’s play, and we couldn’t agree more.
  3. According to pediatricians (Reuters), poor children are missing out on play time.
  4. Time gave a rally call for outdoor play with, Funding Public Parks Could Save Lives.
  5. And ending our list on a high note, PLAY ranks highly in this list of 25 Things to Do More of in 2012.

So much great work is going on around the globe to promote play as a vital part of the overall health and optimal development for children. It makes me really optimistic that the play tipping point is close at hand!

Did anything catch your eye this week?! 

We would love to know about it — so please share it in the comments section.

Don’t forget to get outside and play this weekend. It’s good for the mind, body and spirit!

Play on! ~ Bethe

Blogger Bio: Bethe Almeras, MS, is the HSBS Education & Outreach Director. A long time educator and play advocate, she is passionate about outdoor play and connecting children with nature. In her free time Bethe writes a blog, The Grass Stain Guru, and can often be found playing outside. She is particularly fond of squirrels. And turtles. And sandpipers. And…


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The Importance of Play | WCCP

January 6th, 2012 at 2:16 pm    

[...] This topic is all over the news, research, and the blogging world. There are many quality articles available to read, but The BODY Smart Blog provided links to some strong ones on this recent posting. [...]


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