Host a Water Olympics: 5 Activities to Get Kids Moving

6th July, 2012 - Posted by - No Comments

We’ve officially entered the dog days of summer, but that’s no reason to keep the kids inside — and sometimes a trip to the pool or a water park is not in the cards. But that’s OK, we’ve got some fun ideas that you can do in your backyard or driveway with just a few simple tools and one MAGIC ingredient — WATER! 

You can do this as a family event or invite other children and/or families from around the neighborhood.

What you’ll need:

  • buckets
  • sponges
  • cups
  • sprinkler and music (optional)

Water Olympics Events:

  1. The Great Wall Whack:  Work on throwing overhand for force – throw the wet sponges at the wall – the result will be wet tattoos all over the building surface.Work on making the tattoos high and low.
  2. Jumping Over Me:  Begin by getting your entire body wet. Lay down on the sidewalk or driveway to create a print of your body, before it dries practice jumping over yourself. How many times can you jump over yourself before your print dries?!
  3. The Great Water Run:  This game requires that the players each have a small plastic or paper cup full of water. The goal is to move as quickly as you can around the house (or a tree or the shed etc) while carrying the cup of water such that you end with some water still in the cup . For added fun, put a small hole in the cup so that water drips out . This will increase the need for moving quickly and heighten the fun factor!
  4. Sponge Balancing:  The player must stand on one foot and then the other while keeping the sponge in place. Try balancing the sponge on different boy parts – back, elbow, knee, foot. Be ready for the giggles!
  5. Sponge Obstacle Course:  Set up (or have the children set up!) an obstacle course. The object is to make it through the obstacle course with a wet sponge on your head. If the sponge falls off, the player has to stop and jump five (5) times before putting the sponge back on their head and continuing.

Top off your Water Olympics with a Sprinkler Dance Party! Don’t just run the sprinkler for the kids to run through – add some music to the mix and really get them moving. How would a whale dance? What about a monkey or a pelican? Bust out your best dance moves while everyone cools off!

Have fun! We would love to see pictures if you try this event. You can post them to our Facebook page. :-)

Playfully yours, Bethe

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photo by: the paessels

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