Take it Outside Week Causes a BUZZ!

16th October, 2012 - Posted by - No Comments

We’re so excited to be celebrating the 4th Annual Take it Outside Week! Four years already. Time flies when you are having #playoutdoors fun!

But we’re not the only ones celebrating. Take it Outside Week is causing quite a buzz across the interwebs — and of course in yards, parks, and play grounds across the country.

Here are just a few of the Take it Outside Week stories popping up:

Mom was Right, After All: Go Outside and Play!

* Adventures in Drool: ‘Tis the season to be outside

* Head Start Body Start Take it Outside Week (from Children and Nature Network)

No Child Left Inside! Extend Your Classroom Outdoors

* Green Tip — Take it Outside

 And I could go on…

A few things you can do: 

* Visit the Take it Outside Week page for resources and ideas

* Visit the HSBS Facebook page all week for your chance to win prizes!

* Go to Nature Find to locate a trail, park, or nature center near you (they have a great zip code search!)

* Visit eNature to see what local wildlife you can spot (they also have a great zip code search!)

* Try a new outdoor activity each day this week!  Try the ones listed below.

—> Go on a Fall Color Hike. Look for items that are orange, red, and yellow/gold. Count the items as you go and make up a movement for each. Do the following each time see an fall colored item:
o  Orange = hop on one foot four times
o  Yellow/Gold = stretch your arms over your head and jump up high two times
o  Red = spin around three times

—> Let’s hear it for leaf play! Rake leaves into piles and jump in them and then try making a leaf maze or spiral. Rake leaves (or have kids help you rake or make the shape by hand) into simple maze or spiral paths. Children can walk, run, gallop, and sidestep through your leafy creations.

But don’t let the fun stop on the 20th. Outdoor play and time in nature is important all year round. It’s good for the body, mind and spirit!

See ya outside! ~ Bethe

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