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Social Media Management 101

Social media has grown from one of the most effective tools to stay connected with friends and family to being the heartbeat of most businesses. It is currently used to drive sales, get feedback, generate leads, learn more about our customers and even create more awareness for your business or brand.

The only limit to the benefit of social media to business is how you use it. With effective social media management, you are assured of great results for your business and a great experience for your customers.

Here are some tips that can help you get started.

Choose the right networks

It is important to choose the right networks that are relevant to your business and where most of your customers (target audience) are likely going to be. It is important that you adopt healthy practices like posting relevant content to the relevant networks.
It is even more critical because by choosing the right networks, it becomes easier to engage your customers and build lasting business relationships.

Posts regularly

There are so many tools you can use to make engagement with your customers and other online users frequent and more reliable.
One of the worst social media management practices is sporadic or lack of online engagement which can create disinterest among your followers. With scheduling tools, you can easily create your content and schedule it when you want it posted which should take care of the frequency of engagement. Digital marketing agencies such Sonic IT Solutions ( can assist you with the configuration and management of a successful social media campaign.

Invest in analytics

For businesses that are marketing content, social media is just one part of the puzzle, you need to be sure that your content is in the right networks and also know how your target audience is reacting to your social media campaign.
All these can be achieved by investing in analytics tools like Google analytics and Simply Measured. These tools allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your approach and more importantly, areas that could require a change of strategy.

Embrace applications

Applications are running our lives from when we sleep to when we wake up and even you should eat. There is no reason why you can’t rely on their efficiency to run your online empire.
Social Media management apps will easily manage multiple accounts from one location, share and schedule updates, interact with users and also help in collaborating team members in cases where you have a social media team.
Simply put, these apps will make your life much more bearable. Sprout Social, Klout, Buffer and Sendible are just among the few that you might find handy.

Invest in the right tools

To run a proper Social Media campaign, you need a little help so you don’t break any rules and laws. Some of these tools include image manipulation applications and link shorteners.
Images are a big deal in social media and can help you communicate your points better. They also help to make your accounts look great.
When you need adjustments, you can use the image manipulation apps which will also save you from copyright infringement. The link shorteners are handy when you need to share an extremely long URL.

Getting things right on social media requires practice and understanding of the ever changing systems.
However, if you have the right start, catching up with the competition is easy and you will soon be enjoying the fruits that come with the right approach to social media management.


Smart Bodies equals Good Health

It’s smart to take care of your body and with the realization that it’s the only one you have. To be healthy leads is a part and parcel of especially happiness and leads to more independence as we age.

The first order of things is a positive mental attitude, followed by sound physical health. Maintaining a healthy body is easily achieved with the abundance of many health related sites on the Internet to propose and advise on health regimens, backed my good science.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, the right supplements and a good fitness regimen are all essential for good health.

You’ll see it’s not really that difficult to maintain a healthy body and be smart about it with the right amount of guidance and research on one’s part.

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