Waxing Creative with the Save Play Movement

15th March, 2012 - Posted by - 3 Comments

There is a world wide movement to Save Play going on. Check out these creative examples fro play advocates around the globe. Read More

New York Times, Early Childhood and Sports?

8th December, 2010 - Posted by - 4 Comments

How young is too young? Weigh in on the conversation surrounding sports and young children. Read More

The Play Movement — Jump in With Both Feet!

8th September, 2010 - Posted by - 4 Comments

“The consequences of play deprivation are profound — a growing crisis that threatens children’s health, fitness, and development. As free, outdoor play declines, fitness levels decline, waistlines expand, and a host of health problems follow, including obesity, heart disease, rickets, and a spiraling upturn in emotional and social disorders. The solutions are complex and require » Read More